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Teenagers And Their Physical Appearance

    In my opinion, teenagers worry a lot about their physical appearance because they want to look as much attractive as they can. Firstly, when you grow, your body changes a lot mostly during teenage years when you start having pimples and other things that take away your self-esteem. That those changes can be dramatic, there is no doubt and as consequence teens start caring more about their appearance. While you’re going through all this process, you’ll try to attract other people and the easiest way is with your physical appearance which is what people see in the first place, when they meet you. Form what we observe in different generations, teenagers always worry about their appearance but that is something quite expected!

Ana Catarina Dias, dezembro 2021

The Media, Teenagers And Physical


    In my opinion social media is the main reason why teenagers worry so much about their physical appearance. In the last years, social media’s growth has caused a huge impact on teens’ life. The edit photos posted by many influencers with the “perfect body” and “the perfect life” can be confusing for a teenager’s brain because those photos always make them think there’s something wrong with their bodies. I also believe that some reality shows and the society in general make teens feel the pressure about their physical appearance and how difficult it is to reach beauty stereotypes. Every teen must know they are perfect just the way they are and they don’t have to change just to please someone else.

Carolina Barbosa, dezembro 2021 

What I Think About 

Teenager’s Physical Appearance

    My view is that most teenagers care about their physical appearance. They think it’s the most important thing in the world. It’s true, it’s an important thing to look good, but you just need to feel great about yourself. Some teens suffer bullying because of their physical appearance and this shouldn’t be a reason to feel ashamed of your body image. Most people see their idols and famous people with an appealing physical appearance and that looking just like them is the only way they are going to be accepted. That’s not the way it should be: if you feel good about yourself and other people misjudge you, you should ignore them. What I am trying to say is that you should never change your appearance just to please others. Love yourself the way you are!

Beatriz Cepeda, dezembro 2021

Being Me it’s OK!

    In my opinion teenagers do worry a lot about their physical appearance. Why is this? Because this generation, this society was shaped like that. People now worry about being perfect, but the sad thing about that is that there’s no such thing as perfect bodies, perfect faces, perfect people. I have tried more than once to look perfect and have never accomplished such goal. That task is unachievable. The thought in our heads goes like this: we have to look perfect, to dress fashionably, or people will misjudge us…But the truth, and this happens all the time, is that if you don’t dress or look accordingly, we won’t be accepted the way we are. We are unique and different from one another and at the same time so alike. We teenagers have to put in our minds that being different is OK! That being me is OK! And when society learns how to change this intolerance towards what is new or out of everyone’s routine, we’ll be free and happy.

Maria Miguel, dezembro 2021

Kim's Diagnosis

“I’m proud of myself. I could break and go get all this plastic surgery and get my nose fixed and get lipo or do whatever, but I haven’t chosen to do that because I know I’m a great person!” Kim

    I don’t believe I have ever disagreed more with a statement than I do right now with this one. However, I do strongly believe to have diagnosed Kim’s problem: she is insecure. Behind the “I’m proud of myself” and “I know I’m a great person” façade, lies a broken, repressed person who is doing more harm to herself by using such foolish comments than she is to anyone else. If Kim was proud of herself for not “breaking” her “natural beauty”, which is already a loose term, why would she need to verbalise her opinions and degrade others who have the guts to do what she can’t- choose what is best for them in order to be happier with themselves. The thing is:  we give too much importance to beauty, yet we shame those who try to appeal to every changing beauty standard. Saying she’s a great person only for not getting plastic surgery is an excuse to make her feel better, to help her convince herself that she’s better off as she is, which is just sad. I just hope Kim realizes that the beauty that matters the most is the beauty you find in yourself, whether that be how you were born or how you left the surgery room. – you are a great and be like their reason either way.

 Miguel Araújo, dezembro 2021

The Pressure of Beauty

I think that teenagers consider their physical appearance is one of the most important things in their lives. With the growth of the social media teens are being pressed to have the “perfect” physical appearance and to be like favourite celebrity or influencer, making teens change even their personality. Choosing this behaviour can go to extremes and starting plastic surgeries to become what society thinks is perfect, even knowing that it may not be healthy and can cause harm to their body. A lot of teens also hide their low self-esteem using beautiful and colourful clothes and makeup. Because of this, some teens end up with problems and diseases (physical or psychological) and they aren’t themselves because of the pressure they feel in their social life.

Pedro Bladh, dezembro 2021

The Problem with Teens Nowadays

    My view is that teens worry too much about their physical appearance. This happens because they are really anxious about what other people may think about them, they want to fit in a peer group or maybe because they don’t want to be bullied at school. Nowadays most teenagers access the net and because of that they are exposed to celebrities with good looks and ridiculous bodies. The problem is that most teens worship them and due to this attitude, they are becoming unhealthy, showing bad habits just to look like their idol. In conclusion, teens have adopted unhealthy lifestyles to be accepted in public following the standards set by their idols and role models.

Vicente, dezembro 2021